Service is a great way to keep your program alive.  Joining a committee is a rewarding way of doing service while helping keep the message alive. Greater New York Metro Intergroup has the following committees:

  • Archives Committee
  • Bylaws Review Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Outreach Committee
  • Publications Committee
  • Retreat Committee
  • Special Events Committee– The Special Events Committee plans several exciting city-wide events each year.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining our committee and we think it is a fun and easy way to do service! Please email specialevents (at) oanyc (dot) org for additional information. As always there is not abstinence requirement to participate on a committee.

  • Twelfth Step Within Committee –
  • Website Committee – The Website Committee maintains, reviews, and updates this site.

We are also on an ongoing basis looking at ways to enhance the web experience for our visitors. We are always looking for people interested in service. There is no abstinence requirement to participate on the Web Committee. For additional information, email the Web Coordinator at: WebCoordinator (at) oanyc (dot) org.
Bylaws statement:
The Website Committee shall maintain and keep current an Intergroup website ( which includes postings (with updates as warranted) of the following (but shall not be limited to): a) monthly Meeting Lists and meeting changes, b) monthly Metro Memo, c) OA Information for Newcomers, d) Metro Intergroup Bylaws and Policies and Procedures, e) notices of special events, retreats, Intergroup and committee meetings, f) contact information of the officers, trustees, and committee chairs, and g) links to the OA World Service and Region 6 websites and other relevant OA approved information and contacts.

Please consider participating on a committee where you feel you can offer your best talents. Contacts for the above committees can be found on the Contact Us page.