Metro Intergroup Group Inventory

OA in NYC is shrinking. We wanted to find out why.

NYC Metro Intergroup (IG) is a service body whose purpose is to serve, support and represent all of the NYC Metro OA groups to carry the message of the twelve steps to compulsive overeaters. There has been much discussion about how OA is shrinking worldwide and we have seen this here in NYC as well. Meetings are closing and attendance beyond the group level, at our own intergroup, is shrinking. Our current Intergroup board and members want to revitalize OA in New York City and bring the message to newcomers and boost the recovery of our current members.

To this end, The NYC Metro Intergroup held a Group Inventory on September 29, 2016. Over 40 members attended the Inventory, which is like completing a 4th Step at a group level, so that we could take an honest look at how IG functions and what is holding us back. The purpose was to identify issues so that later, we can make a plan to address them. The Inventory was facilitated by Don C., an experienced fellow from Westchester IG, who holds Intergroup Renewal Officer Trainings all over Region 6. The group collectively answered questions related to the function of Intergroup, Twelfth Step Within, and Carrying the Message. We identified many areas in need of improvement and we want YOU to join our movement to create more opportunities for members to help themselves!

Through the inventory process it became clear that most OA’s don’t really know what IG is or how it can complement recovery. What we want people to know is that Intergroup’s primary purpose is as Tradition 5 states: to carry the message of recovery to those who still suffer. We hold events and retreats. We publish newsletters and a website designed to spread the messages of recovery. We support newcomers and struggling members alike. According to Don C., an Intergroup’s greatest service is to “show people HOW to strengthen their personal recovery. Show people HOW to work the program.”

We invite you to join us achieve this mission. Please consider serving as an Intergroup Representative at one of your regular meetings, attending our monthly Intergroup meetings, or serving on one of our committees. There is no abstinence requirement. And remember, we are ALL Intergroup!

Intergroup meets the second Thursday of each month at TRS Suites, 40 Exchange Place, New York, NY. There’s a newcomer orientation at 6:15 pm and the meeting is from 6:45-8:30 pm.

Please click on the following link to see Don C.’s report on the Inventory, which goes into detail about the Inventory process and the participant’s responses: Intergroup Inventory NY Metro Results

“When I stopped living in the problem and began living in the answer, the problem went away.” – AA Big Book