Member Submission: A Retreat In My Heart

The following is a member submitted story from Andrea F. If you would like to submit a piece of writing to be published on our website and in our newsletter, please contact:

I attend our Metro Intergroup Retreats every winter and summer. They are joyful, spiritual, healing, learning experiences. I come to awareness, acceptance, and action with each retreat on a variety of issues in my life. I laugh, I cry, I create greeting cards at the crafts table, dress up in fun outfits and wigs to sing in the talent show, sit in morning group meditations, take walks on the beautiful grounds of the Guest House, and hear extraordinary qualifications of experience, strength, and hope by a variety of OA’ers. We do insightful work in our breakout groups, have delicious, well prepared meals, meet new sponsors and sponsees, and develop new relationships that may turn into life-long friendships.

I met my best friend on a retreat, and when we met years ago, I was still stuck in the insanity of our disease of compulsion. I needed to unload, rant and rave. I was crying out for help, actually, and she found me interesting and admired my spunk! Ha! She saw a tough fighter in me, and she was drawn to that. Years later, in sanity and recovery, I stood up for her at her wedding, and we love each other dearly.

I met another loving, sweet woman on retreat who is another best friend, and I am godmother to one of her children. When I lived in my disease, you may not have wanted your children near me!! Recovery is a beautiful, shining beacon in our lives.

Twice a year, I get to draw and color like a child and sing freely, crazily, in a group setting. Oh, and let me not forget to mention the dance we have with an extraordinary DJ who is part of my healing recovery. I never used to be able to dance freely before, but she has taught me to just let loose and let go on that dance floor!

So, please come to the Winter Retreat, “The Gift of Recovery, Give It Away To Keep It” from January 22-24, 2016, and join me in the fun, the joy, the playfulness, and the love and service. It is my paradise. I’d love to share it with you! Registration is up online here. I can’t wait to see you!