Meeting Spotlight: Friday Brooklyn Heights @6:15pm

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I am spotlighting one of the meetings I go to regularly, perhaps the one I go to more often than any other. It is the Friday night 6:15pm meeting at the Unitarian Church in Brooklyn Heights. What I really like about it is that it is a step meeting. We read one of the 12 steps from the OA Twelve and Twelve or the AA Twelve and Twelve every week which means we do quite a few steps. It keeps the steps in front of me. Although I have done the steps with my sponsor twice, the constant reminder is good.

Once we read a step, the co-chair shares on it for 10 to 15 minutes and then the meeting is open for sharing. This meeting is a mix of people who have been in OA a long time and those who are relatively new as well as those who have been around for several years. We occasionally get someone who is returning to OA after an absence and that is always uplifting. This meeting gets anywhere from 5 to 12 people so there is usually a chance to share.

We have two co-chairs who take turns facilitating the meeting as well as a treasurer and an intergroup rep. We also have a contact for this meeting. On holidays when the church is closed, we will meet in a local diner and leave a sign on the front door as to where we are and how to get there. This meeting has been running a long time and will probably run for a long time to come.