There are More than 100 Meetings a Week in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens

World Service Meeting List for Greater NY Metro Intergroup

The button above will take you directly to the list of meetings affiliated with Greater NY Metro Intergroup. Meetings which have chosen to not affiliate themselves with Greater NY Metro Intergroup will not appear on this list. OA World Service is the official record keeper of meeting information.  As such,  the information in this list is only as accurate at the World Service database.

The button above will take you directly to the meeting list at World Service for local meetings affiliated with Greater NY Metro Intergroup.

Attn: Meeting Contact Persons: If your meeting is not listed in the link above or has incorrect information, you will need to visit the World Service Meeting Edit page to update their records which will automatically be reflected on the list once updates have been processed by World Service. Read more about how to make meeting changes on our Meeting Registration and Changes Information Page. (Meetings must be affiliated with Greater NY Metro Intergroup to appear on the list linked in the button above, unaffiliated meetings may appear on the website using different search criteria, but will not appear on this list.)

Notify us of One-Time and Tempoary Meeting Changes

Is your meeting canceled or closed for a holiday or building closure? Are you temporarily hold your meeting elsewhere? Let us know here!

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Other Ways to get to a Meeting

In addition to local meetings in New York City, there are numerous ways to attend and/or participate in a meeting. 

  • Phone Meetings
  • Online Meetings
  • Meetings outside of New York

Visit the Find a Meetings Page at and look up phone meetings, online meetings, and face to face meetings for when you travel.

You do NOT have to register to ATTEND any OA meeting

According to OA policy and tradition, all compulsive overeaters are welcome to attend any OA meeting, whatever the meeting’s focus. Closed meetings (indicated as ** on the printable meeting list) are limited to members of OA and those who think they may have a problem with food. Meetings designated as “Open to Public” have chosen to welcome people who are not compulsive overeaters (i.e., students, family and friends of members, members of the press, etc.). Every compulsive overeater must be welcome to any Overeaters Anonymous meeting regardless of whether he or she shares in the issues addressed as the meetings focus.

Speaker List

OA NYC Metro Intergroup maintains a speaker list for meetings to find speakers, but also to be put on the speaker list for service. Please see our forms below to utilize this feature for you and your meeting.

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Personal ID Requirement Notice: In New York City there a few OA Meetings held in locations which require a photo ID or a photograph for entry to the facility. These are requirements by the facility where the meeting is held and is unrelated to OA in any way. If you are uncomfortable with this requirement, please know that the vast majority of meetings in New York City do not have